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Population growth in DC? The government is about to hire 193,000 new employees

July 27, 2007 by  

According to an article released this morning by, the government is about go go on a hiring spree to compensate for not only an aging workforce but to protect from terrorism as well.
What does this mean, greater demand for local housing means greater market stability and security for you! According to the Partnership for Public Service, 83,000 jobs are being created to protect the US, including nearly 48,000 ad the Department of Homeland Security, 9,700 at the Treasury and nearly 36,000 at the Department of Defense. And we all know where the DoD is located, JUST ACROSS THE RIVER!!!

While these jobs aid in the local market there are additional openings across the U.S. including almost 63,000 security and law-enforcement openings and 28,000 border patrol agents.

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This article was written by Anne Fisher.


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